Project Description

Mackay Park is developed on a 2.9-acre portion of the former Mackay Elementary School property. The remaining portion of the school site has been redeveloped and features a new residential community. The park design was derived through community meetings conducted by HAI with area residents, and meeting with City staff, Park Commission and City Council. The new park will feature both active and passive recreation, user-friendly activities and utilize sustainable materials and technology. All products and materials will be recyclable, irrigation system will be State of the Art conforming to the Landscape Ordinance (AB1881), native plantings in all non activity areas, lawn areas to be less than 30% of the project area for water conservation, solar lighting for the walkways and park lighting to reduce power consumption, stabilized DG walking paths and exercise station to promote heart healthy actives, universally accessible children play areas, half court basketball for active recreation, prefabricated restroom building, group and individual picnic facilities to promote family activities, public art area, small parking lot, and a aesthetically pleasing streambed (bio filtration system) that will capture all storm water run-off allowing water infiltration in to the subterranean surface of the park.

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Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA)
2017 Project of The Year Award