Project Description

The property that is now Griffith Manor Park was originally part of the Glendale Airport and dates back to the 1920’s and housed the US Army Air Corp planes, pilots and grew during World War II. After the airport was removed the property was developed as a public park in the 1950’s serving the surrounding industrial companies and residents. As part of the City’s Park and Recreation Master Plan the park was designated for redevelopment in 2006. HAI was selected by the City to prepare a park master plan and conduct community workshop to determine the needs of the surrounding community. From these workshops the community desired to remove the outdated community building and picnic facilities, preserve the existing mature trees, construct a new community building, picnic facilities, splash pad, children play areas, full size basketball court and on-site parking. The park meets all NPDES sustainability standards by retaining all storm water on site for infiltration into the ground water aquifer.