Project Description

Garey Avenue Beautification includes a new landscape 10-14’ wide landscape median within a 2 mile portion of the roadway. The need for the improved roadway was identified within the adopted Corridor Specific Plan. The intend to improve aesthetic conditions along this major arterial and promote business and development. The design features a dominant rhythm of tall palms complimented with lower flowering trees. Drought tolerant plantings throughout soften the central infiltration “stream bed” of gravel, boulders and cobble. Infiltration borings within each median allow collected rain water to reach permeable layer and assist in groundwater recharge. Small and thin Turf grass areas within parkway strips has been removed and replaced with pervious paving, another solution to address mandated lower water use and maintenance costs.

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Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA)
2018 Traffic, Mobility and Beautification Award